We will help you master the speed

Stay out of time-consuming meetings, lengthy management approvals and idea killer bureaucracy with our organized system. Beyond the provision of a clear-cut workflow, the MTM platform accelerates your decision-making process in the most efficient way with an extensive set of real-time collaborative tools  (video call, instant chat, live formats, approvals in real time). At MTM, we live in the now and so will you.

We will help you master the costs

MTM guarantees the fairest and the best value for money by offering direct access to the broadest range of production companies worldwide. Powered by a transparent pitch system with four production companies bidding, our platform facilitates iterations between the advertiser and the producers and provides efficient collaboration tools to accelerate and improve workflow.

We will help you master the complexity

Complexity and bureaucracy are the enemies of Creativity. Too many intermediaries working without standardized processes make it impossible to deliver quality video content at speed and at reasonable costs. Advertisers navigate in a video production market that is too fragmented and without any clear segmentation. With the MTM marketplace being curated and segmented on clear and simple criteria, finding the perfect match becomes easy for advertisers. Along with our unique workflow, collaborative tools can help advertisers and producers bring to life ideas faster and better.

We will help you master the information

One of the practical hurdles of digital video production is file sharing. Delays can stem from the use of different systems, missing organization approvals, separate logins, missing installments, required updates, or just files that are not shared with the right people in the latest versions. The MTM platform organizes and archives all the information for your project in real-time. We guarantee that the information delivered on the platform is always up-to-date, accurate, and relevant for optimal results. We put an end to lengthy/long-lasting/tedious/time-consuming uploads/. No more never-ending chains of emails, no more non valid links for download… MTM’s files are streamed and updated in real-time

We will help you master the innovation

From $ 2 Bn in 2016 to a projected market size of $ 215 Bn worldwide by 2021, Augmented and Virtual Reality are the most promising technologies out there. As innovative as they are, these emerging high-tech tools are however difficult to assess and access for advertisers. The MTM platform resolves this issue by connecting our clients with a curated and labeled roster of the best tech providers in the world.